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About Us

About Ellis Island Capital

For thousands of foreign nationals attaining the EB5 Visa has been the most direct path to America for 28 years. Investing in the economic development of the U.S. is one of the fastest ways for those wishing to migrate into the U.S. to attain permanent visas for both themselves and their immediate family.

Through our tested and proven EB5 application process we’ve eliminated useless and costly middlemen and created the most straight-forward, easy-to-understand procedure for establishing residency in the U.S. you will find anywhere else in the world.

Ellis Island Capital has been proud to be the driving force behind hundreds of clients and their families who are now happily living the life of their dreams right here in America.

Our easy to follow, systematic process to investing in ongoing and upcoming U.S. developments will dramatically decrease the time it takes to receive your Permanent Visas. We take the time to show you exactly what you’ll need to do to successfully relocate yourself and your family to the U.S. as permanent residents.

The Ellis Island Capital team is a group of highly skilled and experienced Immigration Lawyers, Investment Specialists, and prior U.S. Government Officials lead by a former U.S. Diplomat Jonathan Matzner with a passion for helping people live the lives they desire. All of whom are dedicated to the proper and ethical implementation of the EB5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program.

Knowing and understanding the rules and regulations of the sometimes-complicated EB5 program can be a daunting task even for someone who may already understand how visas and foreign investments work. Ellis Island Capital has made it our mission to create a simple, easy to follow formula that gets you and your family to America FAST.

Ellis Island Capital members have taken great care to simplify and streamline the EB5 process so that our clients will feel safe secure, and well-taken care as they embark on their great journey to America and their new permanent home.